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Your time to
Get  Fit!
with the RIGHT yoga for you

Holistic Well-being

LIVE Online Yoga ✨


Welcome!  I'm Julie.  So glad you're here!


Ever find self-care at the bottom of your to-do list?  Yet, when it comes to your health, you know consistency matters. Looking for a fun and simple way to stay fit and flexible - that fits your hectic schedule?  

Picture this: a new, empowered YOU.  Fully committed to your well-being. Expertly guided to learn yoga the right way for you - one step at a time, in plain English. Giving your body the movement it craves on the regular.  Building core strength. Shedding chronic tension and stress. Improving your comfort, flexibility and balance.  Training your mind to release worry and negative self-talk. Getting better sleep and waking refreshed.  Transforming your well-being in a community of busy, warm-hearted souls (just like you), all from the comfort of home.    

What's included?

  • 3 LIVE Online 30-minute practices with REPLAYS weekly

  • Expert LIVE instruction with just a click (from anywhere)

  • After class Q&A to learn to adapt yoga to YOUR needs (YouTube can't do that!)

  • Free REPLAYS sent to your Inbox so you never miss out

  • PLUS... access to the Premium Yoga Video library with dozens of favorite practices (yours added on request!)

Brand new beginner?  Perfect!  Start off right, with personalized yoga that fits you. Get all the benefits, without the strain.

Ready to upgrade your practice? Find consistency.  Grow your skills with confidence in our supportive online community

LIVE Online Yoga✨ Holistic Well-being



Every month

Feel the difference just 30 minutes can make!

Valid until canceled

30-minute LIVE Online Yoga 3 times a week

Perfect for women 50+ wanting to stay fit for life

Ease achy stiffness with soothing breath & movement

Release stress & tension. Uncover your calm.

Improve your core strength, balance & posture

Train your mind to release worry & negative self-talk

Never miss a practice with REPLAYS sent to your inbox

PLUS: access to 50+ Unlimited Premium Videos

Autopay monthly ~ cancel anytime

Your time to
Feel Great!
with the RIGHT yoga for you
Be inspired
  ✨  Stick with it 
✨  Feel fantastic
Leah Brown.png

Leah Brown

Any other type A perfectionists out there not so good at slowing down? I tried yoga many times before. It just never clicked.  I felt like a yoga failure, trying to  hold unnatural poses that hurt.  Never in a million years did I expect to be addicted to yoga!  As it turns out, slow intentional movement is exactly what my body craves. And somehow Julie speaks directly to my soul, as if she knows what I need to hear each day. If you think you hate yoga, try Online Yoga with Julie.  You'll be amazed how good slowing down can feel.

Mom - Yoga.JPG

Virg Kruzitski

  Even at 80-years-old we sometimes forget to take time for ourselves.  I tried learning yoga on my own before online, and ended up hurting my shoulder.   Online Yoga at Your Time Yoga is whole different experience.  Julie offers options to find how each pose works well for me, every time.  Now, yoga is MY time to focus on my own well-being.  I can relax knowing I'm under the watchful eye of a trained instructor who guides me through gentle stretches safely. What a way to start the day! 

NDWC_Nancy Dilts_Feb132019_web.JPG

Nancy Dilts

Before, when I tried to learn yoga it was hard to know if I was “doing it right”.  Julie changed all of that with her clear guidance, deep expertise and gentle soul.  Julie makes each practice easy to follow virtually.  She explains modifications to use if you are dealing with things like migraines (I am) and old injuries (I am). And I love the convenience of practicing from home. Now I can practice several times a week to start my day feeling calm, grounded and inspired.   

Want to get started?  But not sure how to?

NEVER practiced yoga before?  You're NOT alone!  Most of my students were brand new beginners when they started here.  This is the place to learn yoga safely, expertly guided by a Certified Yoga Therapist, in a way that works for you!  So you get all the benefits, without the strain.


Not sure?  Let's chat!   Find a time to connect by clicking here. 

  • LIVE Online Yoga✨ Holistic Well-being

    Every month
    Feel the difference just 30 minutes can make!
Your time to
Get started!
with the RIGHT yoga for you
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