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Private Yoga (In-Studio or Online)

✨ Personalized to fit you

Up to 7 students at no extra charge

Ready to feel fit, flexible and balanced?

No doubt you've heard about the benefits of yoga. But if you don't know any yoga, can't bend like a bobby pin or have limitations how do you get started?  


At Your Time Yoga you don't need to be young, thin, flexible, or know anything about yoga to learn yoga.  We'll take it one step at a time, in plain English.

Perfect for brand new beginners or to grow your practice.


Each PRIVATE YOGA session is personalized for YOU

  • Designed to meet YOUR goals

  • On the day(s) & time(s) YOU choose

  • and YOU decide who you practice with


Get the benefits you want without the strain. 

Personalized yoga that fits you and your schedule!

Private Yoga Event
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