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Judy Todd.JPG

Judy Todd

Since 2016, Your Time Yoga has offered me tools to keep my body flexible and balanced as I journey through retirement life.  Now I go about daily tasks with more ease by starting my day with gentle stretches and movement Julie taught me in classes and 1-on-1.

Judith Anderson.jpg

Judith Anderson


Classes with Julie are small and personal.  No one expects you to do more than your body can do. You get your money’s worth and more.  

Greg Steininger.jpg

Greg Steininger

Having started at yoga ground zero, Julie had to teach me everything.  She is incredibly patient and positive.  After a yoga class, I'm always feeling really relaxed and loose. And even get an excellent night's sleep.  


Welcome to Your Time Yoga.  Finally, you've found it!  Where you learn how to practice yoga the right way and why. Online yoga with personalized attention.


New to yoga?  No problem!  We take it one step at a time, in plain English.  


Achy & stiff?  Issues with back, shoulder, knees, wrist?  Yoga can help.


Yoga wasn't meant to be "one size fits all".  

We start where you are & go from there.

You don't need to be young, or thin, or flexible (or wear tights 😂🤣😂) 

to improve your health & feel better with yoga

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Kim Dahlen.png

Kim Dahlen

My lower back pain improved after just a couple sessions with Julie. After six weeks the difference was amazing! And when I took a few weeks off my back was telling me to get back to yoga!

Lisa Vanderlinden.jpg

Lisa Vanderlinden

Taking big fitness classes at the gym triggered my sciatica every other week.  After some of those classes I could barely walk.  With Julie’s yoga, sciatica happens much less often and is more mild.

Julie Olson .jpg

Julie Olson

When I started yoga with Julie in January 2020 my goals were to increase flexibility, relax and feel better in my body.  All that's happening PLUS the unexpected benefits of improved digestion and better sleep. 

Kathy White.jpg

Kathy White

I was too intimidated to take yoga classes at the gym.  I’d feel foolish.  How would I learn to do it right?   Practicing yoga with Julie I quickly realized that this yoga is not about being good at every pose.  It’s about being good to myself. I came to yoga for exercise.  Now yoga is “my medicine”. 

Brent Vanderlinden.jpg

Brent Vanderlinden

After getting down on the floor to play with our first grandson I noticed it wasn't as easy to get back up!  Yoga started out as a flexibility goal, then became so much more.   When I saw my doctor, he was surprised my blood sugar had improved so much and asked, 'What changed?'  I told him I was taking a weekly yoga class.  He told me “Keep doing yoga”.

Kasey M.jpg

Kasey M

I felt a lack of sure-footedness.  When I stood up after sitting for a while, I needed to hold onto something for a few steps, to catch my balance. After just five weeks of yoga, and doing some of the stretches at home I can move with more confidence.  And I feel so much better that I even stopped taking Advil before bed and cancelled the MRI my doctor ordered".  

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