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Women's Retreat for Deep Self-Care

October 6th-8th

Finally, time for YOU!
Relax  ✨  Reset ✨ Recharge

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In a world fixated on doing, you need time to simply be.
When’s the last time you took a real-life “time out”?  Not just a few minutes, but DAYS to step away from all you do and focus on your well-being?  To rest, rejuvenate, and rediscover your heart's desires.  To strengthen bonds and make new friends. Time to breathe, clear your mind, nourish your body.  And be inspired to live a life you LOVE!
Taking time for self-care is not a luxury.  

Self-care is essential to your physical, mental and emotional health.  Especially these days, with "burnout" being so common it's classified as an official medical diagnosis!  You deserve time.  To feel your best.  To remember what matters most, be all you are meant to be, for you and for everyone who counts on you.  

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 Super Early Bird!  Save $200 


Ready for a care-free, expertly guided adventure inward?

Picture this.  A nourishing multi-day getaway, entirely dedicated to your well-being.  Intentionally infused with just the right yoga, insights and introspection to shake something loose.  To awaken your curiosity and creativity.  Gain a fresh perspective.   Discover what's holding you back.  And experience yoga practices and the right tools to reduce stress, improve your focus and feel more joy and gratitude.  So you can return home, well-rested, refreshed, and confident that you can rise above it all and shine bright!

  • Arrive, check out your arrival gifts and settle in to your beautiful suite.  Explore the lake front, enjoy arrival snacks, then reconnect mind and body with Yoga to Release & Unwind.

  • Each morning, ease into new possibilities with Fit & Flexible, the yoga tailored to your unique needs with the right props and expert advice for maximum benefit, without the strain. Intentionally designed to help you connect to your authentic energy, to release stress and find inspiration.


Imagine how you'll feel after being pampered like this:


You know that fabulous "after-yoga" feeling?  Relaxed, recharged and ready for whatever comes?


  • ​Grow your yoga skills confidently, backed by friendly guidance from a certified Yoga Therapist in our optional hands-on Interactive Yoga Workshops 

  • Learn to adapt yoga poses and alignment in real-time to fit your unique needs, so your at-home practice gives you just the right challenge, without the strain

All practices & sessions are optional on retreat.  Do as much or as little as you need.



  • Afternoons are yours.  Read.  Relax. Hike. Bike.  Enjoy an amazing massage, right onsite.  Or get answers & advice about deepening your yoga practice

  • Enjoy a pre-dinner practice to invite the energy you need most and release the rest, little by little.  So your delicious meal tastes even better!

  • Experience the calming vibration of chanting and meditation to soothe your mind & body


  • Discovery and self-care sessions daily, with tools to help understand and appreciate who you are and why you're here.  Learn how Ayurveda (lifestyle as medicine) suggests to balance your unique system.  How intentions and mantra can help you avoid pitfalls of unrealistic expectations and negative self-talk.   And the power your story holds in manifesting your the life you dream of.

Brand new beginner?  Perfect!  Start off right, with in-person expert coaching to adapt the yoga to fit you.  

Ready to upgrade your practice?  Wonderful!  Deepen your practice and grow your skills with confidence.
What my students say

Leah Brown

My Mom & I took our first yoga retreat together! In the opening yoga practice Julie asked "What does it feel like to do less than you can?"  As someone who's spent most of my life trying to achieve the next thing, that really spoke to me.  


This retreat was a gift I gave myself.  It was so nurturing to be away from all the "To-Dos"at home, eat delicious food (made & cleaned up by someone else!) and take space to dream about the life I want for myself and my family. I left feeling more aligned with my own priorities.  And I'm learning things like how to do less. Quite an accomplishment for this overachiever!


Terry DeGroot

As a Type A it can be difficult for me to take time for myself.  But I decided to make that a priority, and signed up for my first retreat ever. There I met amazing women from all walks of life and was surrounded by positive energy. We ate amazing healthy food and went home with great recipes.  But even better, I learned to appreciate my body for what it is.  Julie taught me how focusing on my breathing can be so calming yet powerful when I'm stressed, anxious or can't sleep. In fact, yoga has been so calming for me that my sister recently asked me why I was so chill. My answer: “Yoga with Julie”.

We'll stay here, in spacious calm on Lake Tainter
Mansion on Lake Tainter_edited.jpg
  • Our retreat will be held at this beautiful lakeside mansion on Lake Tainter, near Menomonee, WI.  

  • Imagine stepping out of your busy life to peaceful serenity and the spacious comfort, with plenty of room to relax, lots of natural light , eagles soaring (there were 15 last Spring!) and gorgeous views in all directions. 

  • A multi-day journey inward to help you see new possibility and more fully appreciate who you already are

  • Afternoons to relax, or hike, bike and explore the beauty of nature.  With optional workshops for expert coaching to take your practice deeper

  • Hide away on the deck, private screened-in porch or curl up by a fireplace with a good book 

  • Or settle in for uplifting conversation with beautiful souls who need this time away as much as you do!

Finally, it's YOUR time
Relax  ✨  Reset ✨ Recharge

This nourishing retreat is your chance to truly pamper yourself and remember what deep self-care feels like. 

  • Learn yoga in a way that works for you

  • To recharge your batteries  

  • Have fun with supportive, like-minded souls 

  • In your free time hike, bike or just be

  • Have an amazing massage  

  • Take an overdue nap

  • Or curl up with a fuzzy blanket and a good book 

What's included?

This multi-day all-inclusive retreat experience is limited to 16 participants and includes:

  • Check-in:  Friday (1-3pm), check-out Sunday (11am-12n)

  • A cozy Private or Shared Suite of your choice with lake or river view.

    • Price & amenities vary by room.  Book early for best selection.​

  • All meals will be expertly prepared for you -  starting with an arrival snack & dinner through Sunday breakfast. Prepare to be spoiled by Executive Chef Chris Dwyer and his son James who prep, cook and clean up while you relax and enjoy, without having to lift a finger.

  • Opt-in for my favorite mocktail or, if you prefer a wine pairing (for an additional charge)

  • Morning & pre-dinner yoga daily (yoga poses, breathing techniques, guided meditation, chanting)

  • BONUS afternoon workshop,  with Q&A and hands-on assists to refine your practice

  • Morning & afternoon discovery & self-care sessions daily to guide your inward journey, including:

    • Ayurveda (lifestyle as medicine)​ tools to help you find balance and better health, naturally

    • Simple hands-on techniques to increase your energy and vitality

    • How intentions and mantra can help release unrealistic expectations and negative self-talk

    • Harnessing the power of the lunar cycle to simplify, worry less, find clarity & purpose

    • Vedic chanting to shift your vibration and perspective, inside and out

    • The power you subconsciously hold in manifesting the life you've always dreamed of

  • .Ample free-time and space to unwind and recharge:

    • Spacious deck with lake and river view

    • Beautiful hiking and biking trails nearby 

    • Onsite massage by everyone's favorite - the ahh-mazing Laddavanh (for an additional charge)

    • Optional cooking class with Chef Dwyer and James

ALL practices & activities are optional on retreat.  Do as much or little as you like.  It's YOUR time!


Molly Fischer

Julie’s spring retreat was an amazing reprieve and gift to myself…an opportunity for total self-care and a much needed reminder that I am “enough” just as I am; worthy and deserving of abundance. I left that peaceful lakeside setting feeling cared for on a deep level, both physically and emotionally…and inspired to carry that feeling forward to the everyday business and demands of life. 

My students inspire me!

Book your room now!

You deserve a break...

Pro Tips:  
1) All pricing is per person.  Price & amenities vary by room.   Choose carefully.
2) Treat yourself to a PRIVATE SUITE.  You'll be with beautiful souls all weekend.
3) Booking a Shared Suite?  Be ready to provide your roommate's contact info.  
4) For Shared Suites, book at the same time as your roommate to avoid double booking.
5)  Past retreats sold out in just days.  Book early for best selection!
6)  SUPER Early Bird SALE price is listed below.  Don't miss out on the best deal of the year!
7) Retreat bookings are non-refundable.  However, if you can't attend you may invite someone to attend in your place.
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Save $100

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  • Mansion Suite with two full beds, ensuite bath, fireplace & private la...

    795 US dollars

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  • Mansion suite with King & Full beds, ensuite bath, fireplace & private...

    795 US dollars

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  • Mansion suite with King & Twin beds, ensuite bath, fireplace & lake-fr...

    795 US dollars

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  • Mansion Suite with Queen & Full beds, shared hallway baths & covered l...

    750 US dollars

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  • Mansion suite with Queen & Full beds, hallway shared bath & private la...

    750 US dollars

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  • The only Private Suite in the mansion, with Full bed, ensuite bath, fi...

    995 US dollars

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  • River House Master Suite with Queen & Full bed and private ensuite bat...

    795 US dollars

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  • With Queen bed with shared hallway baths

    795 US dollars

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  • River House room with Queen bed with shared hallway baths

    795 US dollars

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  • The BEST deal on a PRIVATE room (in the River House with lower bunk Fu...

    750 US dollars

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