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Specialty Yoga
 ✨ for TMJ Relief

 Did you know specialty yoga can help relieve TMJ symptoms?


I'm a certified Yoga Therapist, and have clients who had suffered from TMJ for decades.  In Private Yoga Therapy we found just the right yoga techniques to help settle their deeply held tension.

And their results were remarkable!  For the first time in decades, a jaw that didn't hurt to move or touch. Or sleeping without a mouthguard, without grinding teeth or waking with a migraine. Almost too good to believe.  Of course, individual results may vary.

Simple breath & movement 
✨ Unwind deeply held tension 

Try this short, step-by-step practice with a few techniques that helped my students find relief from TMJ symptoms.  Repeat daily for best results.

Let me know how it goes!

Interested in more feel-good yoga?

Join the Premium Plan for access to all Premium Yoga videos & LIVE ONLINE Specialty Yoga practices.

Join us!

TMJ Relief Yoga   Thur, May 19th (4:30pm)

  • Attend LIVE Online to share your experience & shape how our journey unfolds

  • Can't make it?  Members have on-going access all Specialty Yoga Practice REPLAYS 

 Release tension 

 ✨ Find relief  

✨ Feel your best

Join the Premium Plan to explore new yoga techniques for TMJ relief this month, with on-going access to REPLAYS in Online Videos  
($49 monthly, cancel anytime)




  • Starting the day motivated & inspired

  • With expert LIVE instruction, no commute required!  From wherever life takes you.

  • Getting your questions answered

  • Learning to adapt yoga to your needs

  • Feeling calm & focused, ready for the day

  • With REPLAYS that fit your busy life

  • Getting deep sleep & feeling well-rested 

  • LIVE Online Yoga✨ Holistic Well-being

    Every month
    Feel the difference just 30 minutes can make!
    • 30-min LIVE Online Yoga 4 times a week
    • Perfect for brand new beginners & busy souls 45-85+
    • Ease achy stiffness with soothing breath & movement
    • Release stress & tension. Uncover your calm.
    • Improve your core strength, balance & posture
    • Train your mind to release worry & negative self-talk
    • Never miss a practice with REPLAYS sent to your inbox
    • PLUS: access to 50+ Unlimited Premium Videos
    • Autopay monthly ~ cancel anytime
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Enjoy LIVE Premium Online Yoga every weekday with daily replays & expert support, to learn how to get all the benefits of yoga, without the strain.  Perfect for beginners or deepening your practice

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