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Taurus Lunar Eclipse Mini-Retreat

Friday Oct 27th ~ 5:30-8:30pm

What to expect

Ready to break free from what's holding you back? And step into the life you're dreaming of? On Oct 28th the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus offers us extraordinary energy to finally let go of those habits and well-worn patterns getting in the way of being who you're here to be. To help us connect to the healing energy within, just waiting to be noticed. To step into the personal power you hold by living in the present. To appreciate how far you've come and all that is possible instead of talking yourself down. This eclipse will be the 7th in the cycle and last eclipse on the Taurus/Scorpio axis. It brings the energy of closure to stagnant energy you may be feeling since the 1st eclipse in this cycle in November 2021. Let's make the most of it. Join me to explore how you can put this rare energy to work for you. You'll receive a copy of your personal natal chart and learn about how the position of the planets and stars at your birth impacts you energetically. You just need to decide if you are ready, if NOW is the time to take that big step forward and claim your personal power - the life you're meant to live. Includes: • Yoga tailored to your needs, including breath work & meditation • With Aromatherapy designed to support your journey • Exploring Taurus practices that to elevate your vibration while keeping you grounded • An introduction to your personal Natal Chart (astrological map at your birth) • Explore what your natal chart reveals about who you are here to be PLUS: We'll enjoy a delicious dinner together after yoga. And, of course, you'll get plenty of complimentary cuddles from Vini (my little furry friend) Space is limited in-studio. Don't wait!

  • Cashell Glen

Cancellation Policy

Private Yoga Therapy can be rescheduled online up to 48 hours in advance (or by contacting Private Yoga can be rescheduled online up to 48 hours in advance (or by contacting Group In-Studio and LIVE Online Yoga are multi-week group sessions with pre-determined dates that cannot be changed or cancelled.  To get the most out of the experience, choose experiences that you are able to attend most or all of the sessions. Your subscription to the Online Premium Plan can be cancelled at ANY TIME to prevent future monthly autopays without losing access to Live Online yoga during your last paid month.  To cancel, send a request to Yoga Retreat bookings are non-refundable.  In the event a Retreat or any yoga event cannot be held for any reason, the service will be reschedule or a full refund will be issued. 

Contact Details

  • 4080 Cashell Glen, Eagan, MN, USA

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