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With the Online Yoga PREMIUM PLAN you get ALL these classes weekly!

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Simply Stretch & Balance

Simple breath & movement for flexibility, balance and back comfort

What to expect

Do your shoulders or low back get sore when you sit too much? Would you like to improve your balance? You are NOT alone! Nearly 90% of all American adults suffer from back pain. And chronically tight hip flexors (from sitting too much) can impact your comfort and balance. Simply Stretch and Balance is designed to help you improve your posture (one simple step at a time) to relieve chronically tight shoulders, back, and hip flexors so you can move with ease. ​ In this 30-minute class you will learn simple breath, gentle movement and alignment to invite stability, comfort and balance. We'll use props (like a chair or one hand on a wall) so you can build balance safely, even when you don't feel very balanced. ​ Can't wait to see what yoga can do for you!

  • LIVE Online session

Cancelation Policy

Retreat bookings are non-refundable.  However, if you can't attend you may invite someone to attend in your place. In the event a Retreat or a specialty/series class cannot be held for any reason, the service will be reschedule or a full refund will be issued.  1-on-1 Private Yoga Therapy can be rescheduled online or by contacting up to 48 hours in advance All Speciality Yoga Series & In-Studio Yoga are multi-week group sessions with pre-determined dates that cannot be changed or cancelled.  To get the most out of the experience, choose experiences that you are able to attend most or all of the sessions. Your subscription to the Online Premium Plan can be cancelled at ANY TIME to prevent future monthly autopays without losing access to Live Online yoga during your last paid month.  To cancel, simply send a note to

Contact Details

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