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Gentle breath & movement to calm a busy mind 

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(8 weekly 90 min sessions)

Do you dream of getting better sleep?

You care about making a difference, and take on more than most.   And, especially in times of uncertainty or unexpected change, it can feel nearly impossible to quiet your mind and get the deep sleep you really need. 

You don't have to go it alone.  

In this series you'll experience time-tested yoga techniques that, week after week, create new patterns of deep relaxation.  To help you fall asleep, and even fall back asleep with ease if you wake at 2-3am so by morning you're rested and ready for your day.


Of course, life offers no guarantees.  But here's your chance to discover what yoga can do for you, naturally, to invite the deep restorative sleep you've always dreamed of.


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Now more than ever, Better Sleep matters

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Scientists discovered a revolutionary new treatment that:

  • Helps you live longer

  • Enhances your memory

  • Makes you more creative

  • Keeps you fit & lowers food cravings

  Not only that, it protects you from cancer & dementia.

  It wards off colds and the flu.

  It lowers your risk of heart attacks, stroke and diabetes

  Helps you feel happier, less depressed and less anxious.

  Know anyone who’s interested?  

  Well, we’re talking about an 8-hour a night sleep habit


  ~ Matthew Walker, PhD & world renown sleep expert  

What my students say
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Amy Lauria

Your Time Yoga has been a life saver for me.  I've had trouble sleeping and deal with really bad TMD, neck pain, migraines and other joint pain.   With private yoga therapy and Julie's Better Sleep series I was amazed at the results. Significant relief from TMD and migraines. And improved sleep (getting 4-5 hrs of solid sleep instead of 2-3 hrs).

Leah Brown.png

Leah Brown

I was NEVER a morning person  - like my entire life!  But the Better Sleep Series changed my world.  I'm definitely signing up for another round.  I love that I can join in from the comfort of my home and also get replays to practice when it's convenient for me.    #gamechanger

What's included?

The Better Sleep Series include 8 weekly 90-minute LIVE Online sessions with:

  • Step by step instructions so you learn how to adapt yoga techniques to work best for you

  • Better Sleep lifestyle education from ​Ayurveda (lifestyle as medicine) & sleep experts
  • Interactive personalized support to get your questions answered & to share experience. Emailed questions will also be addressed in our sessions.
  • 60 minutes of gentle accessible yoga, including intentional breath, movement, meditation & other time-tested techniques for Better Sleep
  • Weekly Yoga REPLAYs, so you can practice all week long to let the experience go deep

The Better Sleep Series is PERFECT for brand new beginners too.  No yoga experience is needed.

Better Sleep ✨ Improved Immunity

A few facts from  Matthew Walker PhD, leading scientific sleep expert 


Did you know?


  • Sleep less than 7 hours a night?  You're 3 times more likely to be infected by the common cold.

  • Sleep less than 5 hours a night?  You're 70% more likely to contract pneumonia 

  • Getting the FLU SHOT soon?  Unless you get a solid week of sleep before getting the flu shot your body will only produce half of the normal antibodies to fight the flu virus. 

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